One Page Navigation With Pushstate, Hash Bang, ASP.NET, Umbraco, SammyJS and IIS7

So what is pushstate and hash bang all about!? (#!)


This site was set up as a demo site to see how we may go about implementing an ajax-powered one page site that degrades nicely and is index-able by google.

As designers/developers we're forever in search of SEO greatness while giving the user a compelling experience! I hope this example site and its' contents will help you think about just one approach you could take to solving this problem.

We welcome any comments or suggestions so please do let us know what you think.


Using some masterpage trickery and a few rewrite rules we're able to achieve a solution so that the user experience is not compromised and the site will be effectively indexed by google according to their Ajax Crawling Specifications.


Each page will degrade nicely using the ?_escaped_fragment_= syntax


We had a few issues along the way (which we've documented) but overall are happy with the result.

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